Some attribute names can be used as parameters on /search endpoints, with the following format <attribute>=<operator>:<value1>|<value2>|<value3>|...

i.e. /search?asset_status=in:OFFERING_OPEN|SECONDARY_TRADING_OPEN will return all assets with "OFFERING_OPEN" or "SECONDARY_TRADING_OPEN"

Multiple attributes can be used, further narrowing the results for better match

i.e. /search?asset_status=in:OFFERING_OPEN&security_type=in:ASSET

For numeric or date type attributes, inequality operators can be used

i.e. /search?price=gte:100

Text Attributes Operators

'in' - exact match, accepts multiple values
'not_in' - exact match, accepts multiple values
'like' - fuzzy match, accept only one value

Date / Numeric Attributes Operators

'gt' - strictly greater than
'gte' - greater than or equal to
'lt' - strictly less than
'lte' - less than or equal to